What is Dynastart?



Dynastart is an online business ideas pre -incubation community for students. It's a new way to use Social Media tools in sharing creative ideas between students and teachers within the business studies.

Student may express his/her business idea or project by producing videos, loading pictures and writing short description of the idea. 

Student can evaluate and test his/her idea with other users and get feedback and support for his/her further development.

Platform supports teachers in evaluating the ideas and works as a tool in business skills development.

Join our community and you may:

- Get feedback on your business idea

- Evaluate ideas with stars on a scale of 1-5

- Like, give comments and feedback to other people's ideas

- Have conversations and network with other users


How do I know someone won't steal my idea?

Being open and sharing ideas is an essential part of Dynastart. If your idea is good, then other people might be interested in it.

You don't need to publish your invention or the way you are creating solution. You need to show problem, how your solution brings value and solves the problem and then convince that you can make it.

Dynastart, Sense and JA Finland in co-operation

We are part of Sense Business Idea Competition. Sense is a business idea competition in many fields, creating new ideas, developing innovative business ideas, inspiring and providing tools to create innovations.

Sense is targeted for students of HAMK, LAMK and Laurea. More information www.fuas.fi/sense

We are part of Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Finland is a Finnish branch of JA Worldwide.

JA-YE Finland is dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs. More information www.dynastart.fi/en/page/ny-start

Adding your business idea to Dynastart


1. Generating an idea

The idea may arise from your:

- personal skills

- interests

- hobbies etc.

Be creative! Even crazy ideas can be finally refined.

4. Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo

When the video is ready in your computer, upload it to YouTube video-sharing website. Log in with your Gmail address at www.youtube.com.

You can upload the video also to Vimeo video-sharing website. Log in with your Facebook account at www.vimeo.com.

Be aware any material you upload in your video must be of legal sources!

2. Filming & editing a video

You may freely generate video about your business idea. We recommend length of the video is max. 3 minutes.

There are many different ways to tell your idea. Have fun with it! It doesn't have to be perfect but it just has to be you.

Edit the video before uploading or just keep it the way it is. You may add photos or pics to support your video and idea.

You may lend iPod Touch -devices. It's easy to film and edit the video with iPod Touch. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact: aku.mattila[at]lamk.fi

Don't publish music, images, video, or other content that you don't have the rights to. You may upload free music from www.freemusicarchive.org, www.creativecommons.fi or www.freesound.org. You may find free music also from Youtube's video settings. Free images are available at www.sxc.hu.

5. Start a new project in Dynastart

To start a project you have to register yourself in. Then log in and press your user name and click the "New project" button.

You may define budget. Calculate how much money you need to start business.

Add at least one image – product/service/filming situation etc.

Link the video in section: Video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Fill required sections and press "Send". All videos will be checked before launching by our admins.

3. Transfer video to computer

After filming and before uploading the video to YouTube you need to transfer the video to the computer. You'll need a cable for that.

Note! With a smart phone you are able to transfer the video directly to YouTube.

6. Develop your idea

After publishing, you may develop your idea together with other users and change or create a new one. Other users are able to write comments or support your idea.

Photos, pictures etc. are most welcome and support your idea!

 Download the instructions here