Campus Entrepreneur Coop - CeCo

Campus Entrepreneur Coop - CeCo

Students can provide expertise to businesses and households through a cooperative, supported by its own network. The leading idea is to combine learning + practice + credits = money.

Campus Entrepreneur Coop, shortly CeCo, was established by seven Lahti Polytechnics’ student in tenth of april 2007. The cooperative is owned and managed by the members of the company. CeCos’ mission is to enable the members’ activities.

CeCo offers their client companies reliable and flexible way to acquire labor, outsource their operations, or order customized business services. CeCos’ activity has increased continuously. Our goal is not maximizing profits, but to grow, increase and develop our actions continuously!

As members are accepted those who are students of Lahti University of Applied Sciences or university students located in Lahti. Member applications are approved by the government of CeCo. Membership begins when the application is approved. Share payment is currently 60 Euros, which is refunded at the end of membership.

Member applications should be sent either by e-mail or leave Cecos’ mailbox nbr.31, on the first floor corridor in business faculty. See more from our website and join in as our facebook fan! Let’s built a better future together!

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Campus Entrepreneur Coop - CeCo
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